Pipette Check & Calibration - 纵览 - 梅特勒-托利多

    Pipette Check & Calibration

    Individual Solutions from Pipette Testing to Calibration Services

    Solutions that enable Quick Check within minutes up to daily decicated performance checks supported by RFID and software that track the status of your pipette anytime anywhere.
    Technical Specifications
    Capacity up to 220 g and Readability to 0.01mg
    Pipette check range
    20 µl to 10 ml
    Evaporation Trap
    With SmartCheck your avoid evaporation for better results
    Guided Operating
    For fast and consistent pipette checks
    GPP - Good Pipette Practice
    Regulary checks according SOP are done quickly within minutes
    RIFD Pipette tracking
    For faster and reliable checking of pipettes
    Pipette Check
    METTLER TOLEDO's weighing reputation combined with process oriented software result in efficient, reliable and compliant pipette calibration process according ISO8655.
    Technical Specifications
    Capacity up to 220g and Readability up to 1µg
    Pipette Calibration range
    1 µl to 10 ml
    Motion sensor trap lid
    For best reproducible results even with micro pipettes
    Process Operation
    Professional and with audit trial using Calibry software
    Regulary Compliance
    Fulfills ISO8655 or other defined custom methodes
    Create traceable compliant reports with Calibry software
    Pipette Calibration
    BioClean free trial
    RAININ Together
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