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    Dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, dissolved ozone sensors

    High performance, in-line probes for accurate measurements


    Monitoring dissolved oxygen

    In-line measurement for the monitoring of dissolved oxygen is vital in optimizing product yield and quality and ensuring process safety. Ingold and Thornton in-line sensors for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industries provide accurate, real-time information for process control. The large portfolio of amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors fulfills the highest industrial requirements. Dissolved oxygen sensors with cutting-edge optical technology combine precise measurement down to trace levels with low maintenance. The dissolved ozone sensor with reinforced silicone membrane and proven sensor technology confirms water sanitization. Further, Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) minimizes sensor maintenance and offers diagnostics that constantly monitor wear; stressed sensors can be replaced before performance is affected. For dissolved oxygen we also offer portable analyzers for quick sample measurement wherever it is required.

    Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
    Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
    Dissolved CO2 Sensors

    Dissolved Oxygen Probes

    Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Probes

    Dissolved CO2 Probes

    High performance dissolved oxygen sensors for challenging applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries.
    Highly sensitive probes to fulfill all demanding requirements for accurate in-line measurements at very low DO levels, in brewing, power and microelectronics industries.
    For accurate CO2 measurement in pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry applications.
    Predictive diagnostics and preventive maintenance thanks to
    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM)
    Highest accuracy and minimal maintenance effort
    due to optical technology
    Models available for hygienic applications
    Lowest DO level detection
    from 0.1ppb to saturation
    Plug and Measure and advanced diagnostics thanks to
    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM)
    Sterilizable and able to withstand repeated CIP treatment
    Save time in handling and maintenance thanks to
    unique membrane module
    Greater accuracy and low drift due to
    improved thermal conductivity measurement technique
    No risk of contamination
    as the sensors are fully sterilizable either in-situ or in an autoclave
    Dissolved Ozone Sensors
    Portable Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Systems
    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) Accessories

    Dissolved Ozone Probes

    Portable Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Systems

    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) Accessories

    In-line dissolved ozone (O3) sensors provide reliable monitoring for pure water applications.
    Easy-to-handle off-line instruments which allow efficient operation.
    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) accessories such as software, data logger or transmission solution allow you to take full advantage of ISM technology.
    Rapid ozone response
    tracks sanitization closely
    Simple maintenance
    with slip-on membrane
    Can accompany conductivity and TOC measurements
    with multi-parameter system
    Especially designed for requirements in the beverage industry
    Provides easy sample handling
    Communication interface
    allows connection to a printer or external PC for data evaluation
    iSense Software for ISM
    Companion software for ISM sensors optimizing their performance and enhancing reliability and process safety
    iRo Data Logger
    Stand-alone, battery-powered, temporary data logger
    W100 Cableless Solution for ISM Sensors
    Wireless communication tool between sensor and transmitter
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