Bench Scales and Portable Scales - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Bench Scales and Portable Scales

    Accurate and reliable weighing with industrial scales for a wide range of applications


    Bench Scales for maximum efficiency in industrial applications

    Using a METTLER TOLEDO portable or bench scale for fast and accurate weighing, mixing, counting and checkweighing speeds up your process and increases profitability. METTLER TOLEDO portable and bench scales are ingress protected up to IP69k for heavy wash down to suit any industrial environment. Boasting small footprints and capacities from 0.6 to 600 kg and verified resolution of up to 60,000e, our products provide you innovative weighing functions for maximum efficiency with less operator effort.






    Bench Scales
    Weighing Platforms
    Industrial Basics Scales

    Bench Scales

    Weighing Platforms

    Industrial Basics Scales

    Bench scales (platform and terminal) for a broad range of applications and environments.
    Stand-alone weighing platforms for all kind of industrial environments.
    Attractively priced bench and floor scales for basic weighing applications.
    Versatile, ready-to-use weighing solutions
    Tailor your scale to your needs
    Simple, reliable solutions for every budget
    Counting Scales
    Over/Under Checkweigher Scales
    Paint-Mixing Scale

    Counting Scales

    Over Under Checkweigher Scales

    Paint-Mixing Scales

    Bench scales specially designed for counting applications
    Bench scales particularly designed for over/under checkweighing applications
    Bench scales dedicated to paint mixing in automotive body shops and repair centers
    Optimize productivity with efficient and accurate counting solutions
    Ensure consistent quality in your production processes
    Precise mixing for perfect finishes
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